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Sentient Fish Rape 4 Sentient Fish Rape 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ups and Downs

I loved it!

But this episode was lacking of fish rape, what happened? :(

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tlgmedia responds:

Sorry! Ending got screwed up, but it's fixed now.

Residunt Eval 4 Residunt Eval 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It ..

It makes me all warm inside.. :3

EB3 responds:

Im glad to hear that! It makes my pants warm....

Rag-Boy Rag-Boy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Your profile says your name is John Smith but the movie was made by a man named Pablo Rodriguez. It even says his name in the Flash's preloader.

I vote the animation 10, but your stealing 0.

cromlech responds:

Pablo Rodríguez is my real name, but John Smith is my pseudonym for my animation works, like flash serie Barandilla-man (; if you see the credits of each chapter you´ll realize). You can also comprove it on my online portfolio (

Anyway, a lot of thanks for all the reviews. I´ll try to do it less laggy next time ;)

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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun game, indefinitely

However while the game was fun, the "8 different projectiles" where really four different projectiles, with singular or groups of them. I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety. Other than that, it was an enticing game that I played from start to finish (not usually likely for me for a Flash game).

Now I'll give my castle, which I've had 35 shots already and I still can't finish.

0~p_s:491.65,385|p_s:513.4,388.35|p_s :535,388.35|p_s:556.65,388.35|p_s:500 ,391.7|p_s:523.3,386.7|p_s:566.7,388.
i:745,388.35|ws_i:765,388.35|ws_i:783 .35,388.35|ws_i:448.35,391.65|ws_i:43 1.65,390|fs_i:400,413.35|fs_i:353.35,
413.35|fs_i:400,401.65|fs_i:401.65,39 1.65|fs_i:400,381.65|fs_i:815,413.35|
fs_i:863.35,413.35|fs_i:815,401.65|fs _i:813.35,390|fs_i:815,378.35|p_s:545 ,386.7|p_s:586.7,395|p_s:576.7,391.65 |p_s:596.7,391.65|p_s:605,391.65|p_s:
615,391.65|p_s:625,391.65|p_s:635,391 .65|p_s:643.35,391.65|p_s:650,391.65|
685,386.65|p_s:696.7,386.65|p_s:705,3 86.65|p_s:713.35,386.65|p_s:721.7,386 .65|p_s:731.7,386.65|fl_i:505,355|fl_
i:708.3,353.35|w_i:435,286.65|w_i:781 .7,288.35|w_i:415,288.25|w_i:801.7,28 6.65|fl_i:506.65,221.65|fl_i:710,221.
65|fl_i:506.65,211.65|fl_i:710,211.65 |w_i:715,288.35|w_i:523.35,288.35|c_k :605.05,310|w_i:421.7,145|w_i:793.3,1 45|fl_i:505,78.35|fl_i:706.7,78.3|w_i :523.35,143.3|w_i:713.35,146.65|w_i:5 21.65,11.6|w_i:710,13.3|fl_i:613.35,-
s:601.7,11.65|w_w:581.7,11.65|w_w:561 .7,11.65|w_i:621.7,145|w_s:640,13.3|w _s:690,13.3|w_w:660,13.3|w_w:678.35,1 3.3|ws_s:541.65,-90|ws_s:688.35,-90|w _s:558.35,-121.7|w_s:675,-121.7|w_s:5 78.4,-121.7|w_s:656.7,-121.7|ws_s:600 ,-93.4|ws_s:618.35,-90|ws_s:638.35,-9 0|ws_w:611.7,-150|ws_w:621.7,-150|ws_
w:636.7,-150|fl_s:618.35,-190|ws_s:58 0,-223.35|ws_s:595,-225|ws_s:611.65,-
p_t:611.7,-280|w_s:441.7,146.65|w_s:5 05,146.65|w_w:483.35,145|w_s:543.35,1 46.65|w_s:601.7,146.65|w_w:563.35,146 .65|w_w:581.7,145|w_s:641.7,146.65|w_
s:691.7,145|w_s:735,145|w_s:775.05,14 5|w_w:463.35,143.3|w_w:660,145|w_w:67 3.35,145|w_w:751.7,145|w_w:763.35,145 |w_w:481.65,288.35|w_s:460,290|w_s:50 0,288.35|w_w:748.35,288.25|w_s:730,29 0|w_s:766.7,291.65|c_s:551.7,-228.35|
c_s:676.7,-230|c_s:463.35,41.65|c_s:7 60,38.3|p_c:418.35,48.3|p_c:798.35,51 .65|p_c:708.35,-216.65|p_c:528.35,-21 8.35|p_c:523.35,-83.35|p_c:705,-85|c_
n:351.65,370|c_n:283.35,383.35|c_n:86 0.05,363.35|c_n:910,386.65|ws_w:1006.
35,353.35|ws_w:1006.7,318.35|ws_w:108 0,320|ws_w:1005,258.35|ws_w:1078.35,2 61.7|f_w:1041.7,226.65|ws_w:1003.35,1 98.35|ws_w:1078.35,195|ws_w:1080,140|
7,291.65|ws_w:1096.7,383.25|ws_w:1113 .35,385|w_w:1113.35,293.35|ws_w:1113.
35,201.65|ws_w:1130,271.7|ws_w:1131.7 ,328.25|ws_w:1131.7,388.35|ws_w:1150,
326.7|ws_w:1148.35,381.65|ws_w:1165,3 83.35|c_s:1005,71.65|c_s:1056.7,73.3|

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FWG Island FWG Island

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The game is fun and addicting, however I was getting really annoyed how everytime I tried to spear a helicopter I'd accidentally click the FreeWorldGroup button.

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Coffee Shop Coffee Shop

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I was playing the game but it popped up and said Erorr #2048..?